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  1. Hi everyone,

    Steve has been constantly informing me on sources online that could be of use when preperaing lesson plans. Here is the one that I liked the most and find most practical for all levels.

    The website provides free lesson plans utilizing commonly watched youtube videos and the level varies from beginner to advanced. Here is one them:

    I'm sure most of you will remember the "Guy" in the video. The key language tested and reviewed is Past simple tense; affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. You might find the lesson plan a bit too teacher centered and could add more speaking tasks and pair and group work, but especially for language revision, it's quite handy. It's a good idea to search this extensive database of lesson plans to provide variety in our lessons and integrate techology in the steps of a communicative lesson plan. Moreover, most of the youtube videos take a short time to watch and the lesson plans try to exploit these short clips as much as possible. As I said before, they can easily be adapted or extended depending on your goals.