Tuesday, February 7, 2017

some reading materials online

Hi everyone,

The website below might be useful regarding variety in terms of reading in
or out-of-class for us and our students. Just have a look, there might be
different ways to use this.


The stories published are intended for children but every story has a
detailed activity document, which we might make use of in our classes as
well. At the moment we don't have the books but all stories are read by
famous people. Thus, it is possible to use them as listening activities.
Students might make use of them in their free time as well.

I've asked the library to purchase the books but don't know when and if
it'll be possible.

Another online material or source is:



This web-page is a very simple story map maker. It focuses on chaacter
analysis, conflict, location etc., and the map-maker asks a couple of
questions which help analyze the story or text. There are other story
map-makers too but this one looks easy to use and it also gives a print
option of the maps. It might be useful.

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