Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Using animated Gifs in presentations

I like using animated GIF images here and there (wherever appropriate of course :)) although they seem to be somehow older technology. Today, I was preparing a PowerPoint presentation about "noun clauses" and at one point in the slides I'm asking students if the sentences are correct or false. And after their responses, to show which sentences are OK and which ones are not, I decided to use animated GIF images (nodding-yes and no). Thus, Googling I found these two websites:

- http://replygif.net/
- http://giphy.com/

and I serached for "Nod, yes, no etc" and then from the library of animated GIF images I picked the ones I liked and put them in my slide (referring to the sites).

- There are also online & offline animated GIF makers if you feel like creating your own animated GIf images. Some of them...

- http://gifmaker.me/
- https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker
- http://ezgif.com/maker
- http://gifcreator.me/
- http://www.gif-animator.com/

- Of course, with the advance of mobile and smart devices, one can easily create animations & videos using their smart devices as well. Actually, Google-Photos, for instance, has an "Assistant" feature via which you can create animations from your photos. And I'm sure there are other Adroid or "I-" applications available to do that.

I think using such items in presentations from time to can add to the liveliness of the presentations (perhaps even a bit nostalgia...)

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