Saturday, December 19, 2015

Speaking Club

have started a speaking club for my lower-level students who wanted to do extra speaking practice. This is the first one of the tasks that I prepared/compiled and will share here on a weekly basis.

The first time we met, I wanted the students to get to know each other because they came from different classes. Also, this first activity was an easy start for most of the students who had little experience in speaking English. 

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Follow this link to see more materials prepared for this speaking club.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An integrated skills activity for telling the time

just wanted to share a practice teaching activity with you, which I got from one of my former TEFL students, Burcu Abbas. The topic was telling the time and her students were in the 6th grade. This focus of the activity was communicative practice, involving speaking, listening and writing. 

Everyone wore paper watches, walked around the class and asked each other for the time. Then, the students recorded the times that they heard from their friends on their handouts. The handouts had two columns; one column is for names and the other column is for time. Each student completed the activity communicatively.   Burcu took a picture to document the materials she developed for this activity.

This got me to thinking about applying a similar approach but using the smart phone as the prompt.