Friday, June 5, 2015

Talk about a teacher's hang up...

In one of my classes, there was an activity to get students to write about one of their teachers.  The model given was about a person's reflection on one of his favourite teachers.  These sorts of activities can yield unexpected results, which is why many of us avoid them.  I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I was rewarded with a very sad and shocking tale of a primary school teacher's 'hang up'.

My student decided to write about a 'not-so-favourite' teacher (which, thankfully, wasn't me!)  I've included the original writing as a photograph below, in which he describes how his primary school teacher suspended the boys in his class from coat hooks on the wall for coming to class late.  Apparently, he left them hanging there for three periods!  Bear in mind that my student was 20 years old when he wrote this, so the event actually took place in the 21st Century! Thanks to my colleague, Erhan Güzel, for his sketch of the scene.

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