Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creating a 'karaoke' version of songs in YouTube videos

LyricsTraining is a great site which provides an integration of a YouTube song video with the lyrics, synchronizing the lyrics to the song and letting the listener fill in the gaps according to their level. What I didn't realize is how easy it is to add a song of your own choice.
  • First, you need to create an account at
  • Then, find a YouTube video of a song you would like to make into a karaoke version.
  • In your LyricsTraining account, click the NEW LYRICS option, and you will be guided through the process.
Here is a screenshot of my first attempt.  I really like fellow Canadian Diana Krall.  The songs that she sings are relatively easy to follow as the tempo is usually slow, and her diction is quite good.  So, I chose "How can you mend a broken heart?" as we were doing a reading about injuries and the invention of the 'band-aid'.
  • You simply paste in the YouTube URL, and fill in the details.

Then you find the lyrics.
  • Copy and paste them at the end of the SOURCE window (see the tab at the bottom).
  • NOTE:  Delete the '...' and start the paste of your lyrics there.  Find the place in the song when the lyrics start, and change the time [00:00] to that time (in seconds).  For example, if the first line of the lyrics starts after 13 seconds. change this to [13:00]
  • From there, you return to the LYRICS tab, and you play the song.  
  • The RED DOT will appear to the right of the lyrics to indicate that the line will be seen by the listener.
  • When you want to synchronize the next line of the lyrics to the video, you press CTRL+RETURN, usually a second or so before the singer starts on that line.
Then, PREVIEW to check the synchronization.

You can go back and fine-tune your synchronization and fix any problems with the lyrics
  • You can adjust the timing for an individual line, and edit the lines if there is a mistake, or if you want to make a long line into two shorter ones.
Then simply save and mark your STATUS as PENDING.  It can take awhile before the site verifies your work. 

 Here is a short screencast of the above process.

Using this with students???  Hmmmm...I'm thinking that this is something students could do as a project -- find a song they like that illustrates a grammar or lexical point in the lesson, and create their own 'karaoke' version.  What do you think?


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