Friday, November 23, 2012


The NORTH CYPRUS UNIVERSITY FREERICE challenge is on again for 2012.  Last year, Middle East Technical University and Eastern Mediterranean University battled it out, with EMU coming out on top.  You can follow the progress of the challenge in the chart below.

In case you are new to FREERICE, here is a video that explains how playing this online game can help fight the war on hunger.

It's a new year, so METU.NCC has a chance to redeem itself and win the FREERICE challenge for 2012.  Bookmark this post, which will include an interactive chart of the competition which we'll update daily.

How to start?

Just go to and create an account if you don't have one.
You need to JOIN the  The group page should look like this:

  1. After you login for the first time, go to GROUPS and search for METU. Join the METU NCC FREERICE CHALLENGE 2012
  2. When viewing the GROUP DASHBOARD click PLAY (button is on the right) to send any rice that you start earning to that group. 
  3. MAKE SURE you PLAY for our METU group each time you log in, so that the grains of rice are allocated to our group.
  4. Please encourage your peers to play.  If only 200 METU students and staff spend 15 minutes playing FREERICE before the 31st, they will each earn 5,000 grains of rice, or 1,000,000 grains in total.  That would put enough to put the pressure on EMU to keep up.


  1. Ok. Let's start then....Good luck...May everyone find the strength on their fingertips to type and click on the mouse on ....may the mighty computer gods and all the deities of the Internet help us on our quest for millions of grains of rice...

    Click on and RICE UP...

    1. We could liven things up by setting up smaller GROUPS in FREERICE for each SFL group, e.g, BEG01, BEGO2, etc., if you think that this might encourage more rivalry between students at METU NCC.