Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Activity

Here's a nice website where you and your students can create Valentine's Day e-cards. This can be a nice end-of-lesson activity


  1. Interesting idea. Who would you get them to address their valentine card to? I was thinking they could pretend to be someone famous, e.g., Barack Obama, and send a Valentine Card to someone else, e.g., Hillary Clinton. :)

  2. We addressed the e-card to Justin Bieber and they wrote 'I hate you' instead of 'I love you'. It was a different St. Valentine's Day card, but they loved it.

  3. Yes, hard to believe by Justin Bieber is a Canadian. ;) In fact, he seems like a nice guy...shame about the hair! Did you do this in class or was this an out of class assignment?

    1. We did Justin Bieber card in class and the students did one as homework and sent them to me

  4. Great idea Gokce - no one sent me one!
    Steve your idea seems like potential international diplomatic dynamite!