Sunday, January 15, 2012

Research into practice: Vocabulary

Looks like a very interesting discussion about research into practice, with Paul Nation as the moderator.  This is organized by the IATEFL Research SIG, so for anyone who is doing a Master's or PhD research in the field of vocabulary learning, this is a discussion not to be missed.


Article Discussion: Research into practice: Vocabulary
Date: 16-20 January 2012
Article: 'Research into practice: Vocabulary', by Paul Nation
Guest facilitator: Anthony Bruton, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Here are the initial 'prompts' to get the ball rolling, and there is an article by Paul Nation at that you should read before the discussion.

1. What do you consider are the priorities for research into formal EFL vocabulary learning? And ESL?
2. Do you think Extensive Reading is a viable means of vocabulary expansion in typical FL contexts? Would on-line exposure and task be more accessible and as effective?
3. Do you think some tasks used in EFL vocabulary research are inappropriate: e.g. fill in the blanks; multiple-choice; write sentences with these words; etc.
4. Do you think levels tests should not only be language-specific, but context-specific (e.g. according to country).
5. Did you know about the involvement load hypothesis? If so, is it of any particular pedagogical consequence?

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