Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love the 'you might like feature Steve!  Also been meaning to say I adore the human calendar. You said anyone can just send in a photo here???


  1. Glad you liked this feature. I thought it made the blog a bit more serendipitous--encouraging people to follow up other posts and pages that are buried somewhere in the blog. The search feature is essential, but you are then consciously looking for something. This feature gives you a bit of a surprise...not actually sure how it chooses which post to feature, but that is part of serendipity. :)

    In fact, I found out about the "You might like" and the "rating" feature via Burcu Kaya, one of the teachers-in-training in the CTE319 course. Burcu is a digital native and not only tech-savvy, but also digitally literate, so I've been trying to keep up with her. That is what I like about working with teachers like Talip, Gokce, Erhan, Gulsen, yourself and teachers-in-training like Burcu; when I share something, I always get back much more in return through tips and tricks suggested by my peers.

  2. Regarding the human calendar...brilliant example of 'crowd sourcing' -- the creators of the site came up with the idea, but then let people create the actual content for the days, dates and years. See -- if you go to the bottom, you will see a SUMBIT PHOTO button. There is moderation, of course, but providing you stay within the limits of decency, you can submit a photo and one day you might see yourself in the calendar. Lovely idea. Something we could even get students to do.