Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interactive White Boards - Webinar by IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG

To be honest, I'm still not sold on interactive whiteboards.  Seems like a big interactive white elephant to me. :)  Nevertheless, school administrators seem to have swallowed the IWB fad hook, link and sinker.  So, it is a good idea to become familiar with ways in which the technology can be best used.

I missed this (was grading term papers), but the webinar will apparently be recorded and available for review later.  The technology Ms Gardner uses is the SMARTBOARD, which is the same as the IWB we have at the SFL.  If you see any good tips here that are relevant to our context, please share as a comment.

Cool Activities with IWBs

Barbara Gardner
When: Sunday 15 January 2012 GMT 15:00.

In this webinar we'll look at a few tips and tricks for new IWB users. We'll look at some ideas for using text, images (including sources), animation and IWB tools such as the screenshade and themes. The session will be interactive, we'll brainstorm ideas for using the tools and record the ideas we come up with.  You will be able to access the webinar afterwards and revisit all the ideas we collect. Throughout the session you'll be able to see real examples from real teachers in the UK. The session would be suitable for teachers using any type of whiteboard. All my examples are from Smart Boards as we use them in our schools. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and some recommended useful links.


  1. As a teacher and a presenter, I will definitely say I’m enjoying the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard. The IWB is of great help to me in enhancing the content of my lessons, since I can incorporate educational videos, graphics, and text into a single monitor while creating an engaging lecture. =)

  2. I would love to listen to this webinar. Is there a podcast for it please?