Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Thesaurus by Grammarly

There are a number of online thesauri around.  See our Lexis page for links to thesauri, collocation dictionaries, etc. Students are spoiled for choice these days.

Here is one I came across recently:

  • Not as nice as the visual dictionaries on offer, but it is pitched at a level that EFL students could use.  
  • All of the words have definitions, and most of the more common words will have examples to show the sense of the word in context.
  • Really easy to navigate and use.
  • Also, dead easy to provide a link in any online feedback to writing, as the URL can simply be edited with the word in question, e.g. -- if your students submit their work online, you could easily hyperlink some of the main words that they are using incorrectly to have a look for the more appropriate synonyms.

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