Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Scribe Story | Xiosis Pvt. Ltd: Developer of Xiosis Scribe Word Processor

For a glimpse into what the future holds in store for 'advanced' word processing, see what is already possible today at The Scribe Story | Xiosis Pvt. Ltd: Developer of Xiosis Scribe Word Processor.

Excerpt from the site:
This is a word processor we are talking about. Where are the advances in text analyses and language processing? When I give it a topic, why can't Word write a few lines? The data is there on the Net. The processing power is there in the PC as well as in the cloud. Can't it at least suggest the phrases that I have been typing in documents for over a year and save me some keystrokes? No, Word can't do that.
However, Scribe can. Scribe's research tool set can help you search the Net simultaenously with multiple search engines, clip useful information, summarize them, plug them into the document and help you remember your sources. And using on-line third party tools, it can provide information about your style, tone and more information about your writing than Word (or any other software that I know).
Scribe also uses machine learning. It takes advantage of your hardware and is continuously learning while you write and compiles the information when you press save. When you switch on Type Assist, it will use what it has learned to suggest to you the most likely phrase or word to complete your sentence based on what you wrote just before. It may take some getting used to, but in our tests, it saves a lot of key strokes and corrections.
Now, does it make sense to expect our students to only write in pen on paper, when the other students in the 'real world' will be using 'corpus-assisted language production' (CALP) like this?

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