Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Talip's desk: Timers in PowerPoint

Another thing I found while I was looking for timer animations for powerpoint presentations was a few ideas on how to do it. Then I found some samples and ideas from a forum site (I think I got them from www.a6training.co.uk).

  • I've worked a bit on the design and elements and tailored some for my class's needs. 
  • You're welcome to use the slide timers I've put together by downloading  PowerPoint Timers.
  • You can use the various timers as they are, of if you want, you can copy the PowerPoint slide and just save the individual timers you want, so you can just launch the timer directly.
  • If you are familiar with custom animation, you can customize them to suit your need.s
  • If you have any questions about the fine points of adapting these timers, leave a comment here or drop by my office.  You're welcome anytime...

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