Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flash Games for Learning English Vocabulary

While learning a new language, remembering words seems very difficult for us. Although I have been learning English for many years, I always have trouble remembering new words from memory.

This week, in our methodology lesson, we brainstormed about how we learned words in English. All of us had some techniques to memorize them. Then, I searched the internet with a view to find both visual and enjoyable ways of learning vocabulary. This web site appeared.

In the web-site, there are both some vocabulary lists and flash games. 
  • I like the prepositions game and hangman. 
  • Students have difficult times in using preposition in the right place. In this game, they say the sentences and according to this preposition, you put the items. 
Flash based games for language learners
These games are very enjoyable and they put words or prepositions in a meaning by showing them in the picture. By doing these activities, students will be motivated to complete them.


  1. Burcu, thanks for sharing this site! I'm sure many of the students in the SFL preparatory school would find such flash-based activities fun to do and motivating to do. Although I have no real data to confirm this, I suspect that the majority of the students prefer a visual learning style. Also, many of them are going to be engineers, so I think that they would also have a preference for a kinesthetic learning style. Flash games would therefore appeal to them. In fact, if you want to create your own flash-based games, you can try out this site: A bit 'mickey mouse', but you can create your own games with your own language, which can be more motivating than say a Hot Potatoes activity. Also, you can tailor this to the needs of your students or the language in the syllabus.

  2. Burcu - here is another site that has pre-existing flash based games. Meant for younger learners, there is a 'language arts' section that has games relevant to learning English. See and go to the Language Arts tab.

  3. I used recognized it teaches also English grammar. It is enjoyable ,too. Also, I will try to create my own game. Thank you :)