Friday, December 23, 2011

From Gokçe's desk: Creative writing and speaking ideas

There are some great ideas about writing on I used them as speaking activities in my class and they worked well. If you have 5 minutes or if the students get bored, you might want to use them!
In the Busy Teacher Facebook page, there is a Creative Writing Prompts photo album, with lots of great visuals to go along with the prompts.

The actual BusyTeacher website also has 350 creative writing prompts as well, displayed in sets of fifty.  Here is an example from one of the sets:


  1. These are really great ideas - thanks for finding them and sharing Gokce!

  2. The photos in the FaceBook album are quite attractive. Great for students, who seem to respond to visual prompts better than plain text. How do use them in class? Do you print them out (in black and white) or do you show them on the data projector?