Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More IPA tools to use with students

Worth reading this New York Times article about gratitude...for us teachers, especially note the Arizona experiment of giving students feedback to their writing. :)

Anyway, I just came across another tool that creates an IPA phonetic transcription from an English text.  
  • The site can be found at and it works directly from the web page (giving 'RP' UK pronunciation).  I tried it, and the results are below.   See the other posts in this blog about IPA at 
    • I haven't tried the PC/MAC version, but it apparently supports American pronunciation as well.
  • I was thinking that this could be a nice idea to introduce a reading text (like the one above), by giving the students some IPA to transcribe back into English, so I came up with these three sentences, which  handily transcribed on the fly in the web page.   
    • These three sentences demonstrate some useful features of English pronounciation, e.g., oF, haLf and THe and healTH.  
    • By transcribing the sentences, the students would automatically start thinking about the topic of the reading.

‎"Hey, it could always be worse."
[heɪ ɪt kʊd ˈɔːlwəz biː wɜːs]

"Seeing a glass half full instead of half empty."
[ˈsiːɪŋ ə glɑːs hɑːf fʊl ɪnˈsted ɒv hɑːf ˈemptɪ]

The science of 'being grateful' indicates that it has many positive benefits, such as sleeping better, better health, and less aggression.
[ðə ˈsaɪəns ɒv ('being) (grateful') ˈɪndɪkeɪts ðæt ɪt hæz ˈmenɪ ˈpɒzətɪv ˈbenɪfɪts sʌʧ æz ˈsliːpɪŋ ˈbetə ˈbetə helθ ənd les əˈgreʃən]

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