Monday, November 7, 2011

IATEFL webinar on Mobile Learning

Talip's demonstration of the mobile phone app for flashcards would suggest that the IWB is NOT the way of the future, but mobile learning is.

  •  The very simple example of creating flashcards 'on the fly' in class, and then publishing them to a web-based flashcard site was impressive in terms of its simplicity. 
  •  However, the real revolution was revealed by the fact that student can immediately download the flashcard set on their smart phones on their way to the canteen during the break. 

 So, have fun with the IWB when you can, but if you're looking to the future, then you should start getting up to speed on mobile learning technologies and techniques. IATEFL is hosting a webinar on Mobile Learning on 18 December, which will reveal the current state of mobile learning.

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