Friday, October 28, 2011

What can we do in the TV Room?

A brief history

The TV used to work!

  • It was linked to satellite and students could watch news and sport in English.
  • However, it seems this can't happen any more.

At present the TV room can be used for speaking practice, or for short readings, jokes, magazines etc, or just as an overflow study room.

What are your ideas? What could we do there? Post your suggestions!
Please bear in mind that :-  
  • The SAC has no budget, and operates on donations and teacher created materials.  At the Staff Meeting Eda Hn did mention that she might be able to get some money.
  • There would have to be someone on duty if  anything of value was there (apart from the students that is!)
  • Running any sort of 'club' would also mean someone needs to be there to organise and help.


  1. Hi All,

    As you know, now there's a speaking file in the staffroom upstairs and Dindy has been preparing new materials suited to out book and program, which are also in the file.

    We can use the TV room for extra study time, doing speaking. Students like the change of space and they might like doing activities there. Rather than doing silent studyi they can utilize the place for speaking, as Dindy has already suggested before.

  2. To be honest, the TV room is a much nicer space than the SAC. Why don't you relocate the current SAC materials to the TV room?

    Also, as you will probably see most students doing in the computer lab, young people today 'consume' video via the Internet. So, rather than using satellite (which requires a subscription), it would seem to be more sensible to stream media via the Internet.

    Now, rather than having just one TV (or one large flat screen), why not have several 'tablets' with WiFi access. Students can book them out, use them to watch the content that is relevant to them (again, it seems that the young generation is more likely to consider watching TV as something that one does on one's own). In fact, having tablets would save money (and paper) in terms of buying English papers. You could also have some KINDLES as well, and build up an electronic library of suitable books.

    The way we 'consume' news, entertainment, books has transcended the 'old' technology of 'TV' and 'paper'. It also is something that one tends to do alone...and considering that students spend 6 hours a day in the sterile confines of the classroom, the last thing they want is to sit in another room and be forced to interact with yet more people. :)

    Perhaps it is time to rethink and explore what the new innovations in media offers us, and the value of solitude and private learning spaces.