Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poll on the use of computers and data projectors in the classroom

It's been over a month since we started teaching, so it might be useful to see what trends have been emerging about the use of the computers and data projectors in class.

  • The following poll is on POLLDADDY, so the responses are anonymous.  
  • Just tick as many of the uses of the data projector that you have used in the class, and we can get a general picture of the emerging uses of this technology.
  • You can see the results as they come in.
Thanks in advance for your input.


  1. Thanks Steve! I think we'll get a good lot of data as I have seen the technology being used for many different things already. Great - we really are a technological univeristy now!

  2. I normally don't answer general polls, but when the poll is about something closer to home, I will usually take the two or three minutes it requires. As usual, I probably made the poll longer than it should be. :) However, great to see that six people have already taken the poll in the few hours since your notice went out.