Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The things we do...

Here is a thumbnail of a bar chart of the responses to the poll on the use of computer and data projector in class.  Click on it to see the full size version.

The things we do with technology appear to fall into several broad categories:

  1. Typically, over half of our use is to deliver content--the bulk of this is delivering content based on files/media created and stored on the computer, with a smaller portion being content that is accessed via the Internet.  
  2. Almost one-third of our use of the computers is going beyond straightforward delivery of pre-determined content, but rather interacting with Internet resources to access content live in the classroom.  
  3. While almost 90% of our use is either delivering or accessing pre-existing content, we can see a trend developing to create our own content based on the specific needs of the students and to fill any gaps in the materials. 

Since we have a lot of pressure to keep pace with the curriculum and syllabus, the amount of time to create content will remain limited.  Quite naturally, we have seen teachers sharing content (flashcards, animations) to maximize the value of the time we can find to create materials.  In fact, this blog is one example of how a community of practice  can be built by teachers to share ideas and creative output to the benefit of the students.

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