Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reading logs - increasing motivation to read
This is a neat site that lets you set up an educator's account, and then create your own class groups.  From here you can designate what you want your students to read (and monitor how much they read), and give them specific word lists to focus on.  It is designed for K-12 students, with spelling and vocabulary word lists and reading goals in mind.  However, there is no reason why this couldn't be adapted to a

Here are links describing the learning tools available:
  1. Electronic Reading Logs
  2. Vocabulary Card Creator
  3. Listen and Spell practice system
It looks pretty simple to use:
  1. Teachers upload reading goals, vocabulary words and spelling lists.
  2. Students can then log in and access the uploaded material at any time and from any computer.
  3. Students may also access the words list on iPod / iPhone / iPad and practice their spelling and vocabulary skills on the go. 
How to use at METU SFL?

  • In the METU SFL context, one could scan and add supplementary readings from the RAW, OLR and other texts of appropriate difficulty and related to the themes.  
  • Regarding vocabulary, we could use a vocabulary profiler, like the most commonly used words could be highlighted in the word lists, and particularly difficult words in terms of spelling could be included as well.  
  • Other words from the course books or METU syllabus could be included as well.
  • The reading log details could form part of the performance grade for extrinsic motivation.  Students in each class who have the highest reading log results can be featured every week.

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