Thursday, September 8, 2011

PHRASR - a Flickr mashup

Lots of 'mashups' these days that can provide some interesting tools for language learning. This is an example of reading vocabulary prepared in PHRASR . You can enter words or a phrase, and this site will attempt to find relevant images for each word from FLICKR.

Possible ideas to use with students?

  1. Ask different students to prepare a PHRASR of words from a reading in class, and share in the class website.
  2. Use for idoms - resize browser window so words can't be seen and only the images, e.g. "raining cats and dogs" at
  3. Create a PHRASR using a dictionary definition, and then have students guess the word being defined.  Here is one I just created:
  4. Have students choose the keywords in a text and create a visual summary of a reading.  Use the PHRASR as a prompt to write a summary.
Nice things about this tool
  1. Easy to use
  2. Can create PHRASR on the fly in the class
  3. Visually stunning and will be attractive to students
  4. Easy to get students to create them and share them.
Not so nice things about this tool
  1. At the whim of FLICKR - images may be inappropriate at times
  2. Articles and prepositions normally have to be ignored
  3. You can't enlarge the final image sequence, but you could use a screen capture tool to grab the sequence and reuse the image in another way or material.
Any other ideas/comments?

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