Friday, September 16, 2011

METU NCC blogs

If you are a METU NCC instructor and you like blogs, but don't want to use a commercial blog server like or (and don't want to fork out a subscription fee for you are entitled to your own METU blog (an instance of WordPress MU) at

  1. Just log in at with your METU username and password (the same one you use for your METU mail) and voila, instant blog!
    • Beware if you don't know Turkish.  The front page of the blog portal is all in Turkish.  Once you log in, you can see your dashboard in English.
  2. You can also reach the blog site via the METU ANKARA website,, and clicking on STAFF and then you will see a BLOG link appear on the staff page.
  3. The METU blog uses WordPress, so you have to get used to the dashboard, but it is pretty easy.
Also, note that each METU student also has their own blog at the same server, so you could suggest that they use this as a type of learner journal.  These blogs remain active until you leave METU.  Then they are deleted.  But if you do move on, you can create an archived copy and restore it on another instance of a WordPress blog server.

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  1. That I didn't know. Thanks! Maybe you can also mention that a private domain is also provided by Metu.