Thursday, September 8, 2011

BOOKR - another FLICKR mashup

PHRASR is a nice quirky tool, but BOOKR has much more potential for language learning. Here is a simple example of a 'story' created in BOOKR that would be something that is relevant to a lower level learner: All About Me by Nguyen.

Possible ideas to use with students?
  1. Have students create BOOKRs to describe their home towns.
  2. Get students to explain what interests them about their chosen field of study.
  3. Ask students to create a BOOKR based on a specific writing genre, e.g. argumentation, persuasion, compare/contrast, etc. to help them organize their ideas.
  4. Create a BOOKR to illustrate a process.
  5. You can resize the browser to hide the captions, so you could view the story with the captions, then resize to hide the captions and use this as a 'visual dictation' or 'dictogloss' to get students to work in groups to rewrite the story.  Then, they can compare their group's version with the original by resizing the browser.
Nice things about this tool
  1. Easy to use
  2. Great for visual learners.
  3. Ideal to get students to create them and share them to make writing a more meaningful task.
Not so nice things about this tool
  1. Again, at the whim of FLICKR - images may be inappropriate at times
  2. Only viewing online.  Can't print.
  3. You can't enlarge the final image sequence, but you could use a screen capture tool to grab the sequence and reuse the image in another way or material.
Any other ideas/comments?

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